We are a Full-Service, 360 Digital Agency. Effective strategist, creative partner and resourceful wingman in your digital journey. In simplest terms, Idea Imaji captivates consumers and connects people with brands, ideas and possibilities.

Idea Imaji is an interactive agency located in the heart of Bandung. At Idea Imaji we believe that an interactive strategy does not dwell in a self-sustaining bubble. It needs to be part of a greater strategy, exhibiting maximum efficiency and usability in order for it to fit seamlessly with your specific business case.

From a website to integrated campaigns spanning social media, mobile and advertising, we give your ideas strength and purpose. Our services include digital marketing strategy and planning, as well as social media marketing insight. Consider Idea Imaji as your professional advisor as much as the digital chops that drive your campaigns to success.

We built this agency from the ground up, fostering an entrepreneurial culture where sheer intellect meets fearlessness. And we continue to be heralded as leaders not because we know everything but because we know our learning (and teaching) is never done.
We are your fun, passionate and supportive success factory.

We build super effective & creative digital programs to help clients be more successful. Taking ideation to application and code to content, we are ready to partner with you at any point in your digital journey.

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